Speak Jamaican

How To Speak Jamaican

Jamaica’s official language is English, but a large number of Jamaicans speak a street-slang version of English known as Patois. In Patois (also called Patwa or Patwah) words like “man” become “mon” and entirely new words like “facety” replace the originals.

Want to learn how to speak Jamaican? Here’s some common phrases to get you started:

  • What’s up? (Wah Gwaan?)
  • I’m here (Mi deh yah)
  • How are you (A weh yuh deh pan)
  • What are you up to (A weh yah gwaan wid)
  • Good Morning (Mawnin)
  • I forgive you/I am good (Every-ting kris)
  • I didn’t do it (Mi neva dweet)
  • It wasn’t me (Ahh nuh me)
  • Can I have your number (Mek mi get yuh numba nuh)
  • I don’t feel right (Mi nuh feel right)
  • Stop eating my food (Top nyam off mi food)
  • God is on my side (Jah deh pon mi side)
  • I’m going to meet my friends (Mi ago link up mi friend dem)
  • I am coming (Mi ah come)
  • Come here (Come yah)
  • Yeah man (Yeh mon)
  • Take it easy man (Eazy nuh man)
  • Im on my way (Mi soon come)
  • Where are you going? (Ahhh weh yaaahhh guh?)

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