Dominica Travel Information

Dominica Travel Information

Dominica is a lush island of natural beauty.

It is the youngest island in the Lesser Antilles and has been nicknamed “Nature Isle of the Caribbean.”  The island of Dominica measures 290 sq. miles of rain forest beauty with a highest elevation of 4,747 feet.

Dominica comes from the Latin word for Sunday, said to be the day which Christopher Columbus discovered the island of Dominica in 1493.

How To Get To Dominica:


Language And Currency:

Local currency is the eastern Caribbean dollar (ECD). US dollars are accepted in most businesses, though the exchange rate may not be as favorable as the bank. The current rate is 1 USD to 2.7 ECD. Many hotels and restaurants add a 10% service fee. Tipping is discretionary.

Culture And Useful Tips:

The island of Dominica has fewer beaches than other islands in the Caribbean. That (in conjunction with the island being mostly volcanic) has resulted in slow growth in the tourism industry. However, there  are so many attractions on the island that are not available in other spots. The mountains, the rainforests and the hot springs lends to this being a wonderful spot to visit.

The population has been estimated at 70,000 with 80% of the population being Roman Catholic. English is the official language though French, based on its historic roots on the island, is spoken by many people. There are 10 separate parishes that make up Dominica.

The island of Dominica’s  rich culture is based on music and dance. Annual independence celebrations showcase music based on the heritage of the people of the island. With a mixture of Black, French and Spanish heritage the music is unique and moving.

Cuisine on Dominica is very similar to other Caribbean countries. Chicken, goat, lamb or beef covered in fruit concoctions or hot pepper sauces are standard fare on the island. (For great restaurant reviews see the Dominica restaurants page). Other typical dishes rice , chicken, local fruit, fish and a variety of root vegetables including dasheen and tania.

Currency And Embarking:

When flying to Dominica, carry at least 24-hours-worth of clothing and toiletries in your carry-on bag. Lost baggage isn’t typical but it can happen. You will need  a valid passport to stay for up to one month. Should you want to stay an additional 3 months, a return ticket must be shown.

Travelers from Cuba, Haiti, Russia, The People’s Republic of China and Eastern European Countries require a visa for any stays over 21 days.

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