British Virgin Islands Travel Information

British Virgin Islands Travel Information

To the east of Puerto Rico lies a British overseas territory called the British Virgin Islands.

There are three main islands in the British Virgin Islands (B.V.I.) called Tortola, Virgin Gorda and Jost Van Dyke. (“Jost” rhymes with “toast”)

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Tortola is the main hub of the B.V.I., being the most populated and developed of all the islands. It’s the home to Road Town, the island cluster’s capital. There are over fifty other B.V.I. cays and islands, with fifteen of those still uninhabited.

These uninhabited islands provide amazing opportunities for local tours. The population of the islands total 22,000, with most of its population residing in Tortola.

Virgin Gorda has amazing national parks, the famous “Baths” and is home to the rich and famous. Laze about in the waters of Jost Van Dyke, the island that truly depicts what ‘Island Time’ truly means! 😀

As far as Tortola goes, when I think of the the Virgin Islands, I immediately conjure up an image of Mount Sage. With an elevation estimated over 1700 feet, Mount Sage in Tortola is the highest point of all B.V.I.!

Mount Sage National Park is a lush rain forest you’ve gotta see. Vegetation is protected in this volcanic area and they don’t allow camping at the park, but it’s open during daylight hours. The trails are narrow and windy (as are most of the roads)! Getting there isn’t very difficult though. Follow Ridge Road until it branches off to Sage Mountain Road at the summit.

Once you arrive at the top, don’t be surprised if you suddenly feel like a small speck in the grand scheme of things. Climbing Mount Sage is the most awe-inspiring experience on the islands.

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