Bahamas Travel Information

Bahamas Travel Information

The Bahamas, northeast of the Caribbean Sea and slightly below Florida, are made up of a whopping 700 islands! Average temperatures range from 70-78 degrees in the winter and 80-85 degrees in the summer, making for lots of sunshine. The two wettest months are June and October.

How To Get To The Bahamas:

You will need a passport to enter Bahamas. If you are arriving via plane you will need to fill out a Bahamian Immigration card when you arrive at the airport. Your passport will be stamped with the number of days you are allowed to stay.

If you are arriving via a sailing vessel or trawler you will need to put up a yellow quarantine flag. Only the Captain of the vessel may go ashore until you are cleared through customs.

Departing from Bahamas via air is long and tedious. Leave at least three hours before your flight to clear customs.  There are different departure areas for U.S. and non-U.S. residents.  There may also be a departure tax not included in your ticket price. Check with your booking agent.

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Culture and Useful Tips:

Where you are and where you want to go will influence your transportation needs.

There are small airplanes and ferries if you are going to the smaller islands.  There are also mail boats that go to some of the smaller islands. Though this is a cheap alternative for travel it will not be comfortable for most people. The trips can be long, sleeping quarters consist of a sleeping bag on the deck and goats and chickens may be your cabin mates.

There is a public bus in Nassau. It will cost between $1.25-$2 US for most places. If you really want to immerse yourself in Bahamian culture, take the bus! The bus is filled with many locals, loud talk and music!

There are some bus stops but you can stand by the street and wave to get a driver to stop. Taxi cabs are readily available throughout the downtown area, wharf, cruise port and hotel entrance. Fare from port should be about $4 per person.

For a fun time plan a water taxi trip. Taxis go between Nassau and Paradise Island and only charge $3 per trip.

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