Antigua and Barbuda Travel Information

Antigua and Barbuda Travel Information

Antigua and Barbuda are remote enough for you and yours to be fully transported but civilized enough to offer the pampering you need.

We’ve gathered a lot of the travel information you’ll want to consider before jetting off on this vacation. Take a minute and we can help you to be prepared for your tropical get away!

How To Get To Antigua and Barbuda:

The rich culture and heritage form an independent state in the Lesser Antilles (the lower arc of Caribbean islands) and can be reached by either Air or Sea. The local International Airport is called V.C. Bird is open 24-7 with quite a few international airlines touching down daily.

Helpful hint… It’s worth it to enlist a Redcap Porter to help you get through customs quickly and easily.

From here you can get cash at an ATM, pick up your car rental, take a cab or shuttle to your hotel or go straight to the beach!

Arrival by sea is usually by private yacht or cruise ship. Keep your travel documents handy to present at the ports of Heritage Quay, Nelson’s Dockyard or Falmouth Harbour in Antigua. If your docking in Barbuda you’ll be landing on the southern part of the island.

Language And Currency:


Culture And Useful Tips:

Currency And Embarking:

Antigua and Barbuda’s official currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar. The British Pound and the US dollar are used and accepted almost everywhere in the islands and ATM machines are found most places on island.

If you are traveling through seaports on your trip to Antigua and Barbuda, you will be required to pay an embarking tax. The cost of embarking is $20.00 (U.S.) for adults and $10.00 (U.S.) for children if you are staying overnight.

Must-Have Travel Documents:

  • A valid passport is required for all visitors taking a trip to Antigua and Barbuda.
  • Visitors are required to have a return ticket and can stay no longer than 6 months.
  • Confirmation of accommodation.
  • Evidence of your ability to maintain yourself in Antigua and Barbuda.
  • Additionally, citizens of certain countries will also need entry visas. Green card holders must have a valid green card and valid passport from their country of origin.

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