About Rootnattie

About Rootnattie

For over fifteen years now, we’ve been introducing people to the Caribbean…

Showing them the joys of island cooking, introducing them to reggae music, and sharing the variety of restaurants, people, and adventures available on each island.

The islands are in our blood.

You see, my family and I have lived in the Caribbean. My son was actually born in The Cayman Islands.

Our kids have played on the beaches, and my wife and I have sipped the rum and lived through the hurricanes.

And while we might live in South Florida now, we’re still constantly in the islands, hunting up private beaches, taking different tours, trying crazy foods, and meeting new friends.

This website is where we post what we find. So have a look around and learn more about Rootnattie and the wonderful islands we love. Be prepared to find the best the islands have to offer!

We hope you enjoy it.